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08 new Web site

Our new group, Buffalo Allies of Bozeman, has just moved to a new Web site.  All further posts and information to the group are being posted there, including events calendars, more about the group, resources and information related to the buffalo in Yellowstone, essays, etc.

We’re now at .  Please check us out


Buffalo Allies of Bozeman (BAB) meeting decisions and highlights for April 30, 2008

These are the highlights from last night’s Buffalo Allies of Bozeman (BAB) meeting. To get more involved with our group, please join out announcement listserve by sending a blank email to


1. We decided to purchase the domain name to be the home of our new Web site. (for now, keep using )
2. We decided to host the new Web site on a server owned by a friend of Jim’s at no cost, though we are donating $50.
3. We decided to create two listserves, a moderated announcement and an unmoderated discussion list (see previous emails – or for more information, email Jim at
4. We decided to give specific administrative and content decisions regarding Web and listserves over to the Media/Outreach working group, though any member may raise the issue and propose changes at any full meeting.
5. We decided to draft a press release for the group to review, amend, and approve at the next meeting. A draft will be posted to the listserve (discuss, if it is ready) before the next meeting.
6. The working group will next meet in combination with the Solidarity with Other Groups working group on Monday at 2 PM at Jim’s house (424 S. Bozeman Ave.) Anyone, that includes newcomers, are invited to participate.

1. No decisions or meetings announced; however, Joe made us aware that Montana FWP met at 9:30 AM this morning (Thursday) to talk about what to do with quarantined calves.

Solidarity with Other Groups:

1. Outreach is ongoing with groups such as HOBNOBS (Horse Butte neighbors), Bear Creek Council (in Gardiner), outside tourists interested in making public statements this summer in Yellowstone.
2. Group decided to host a potluck supper on May 25 in a local Bozeman park (TBD), sponsored by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman (we will have an information table there); group also explored ways to invite Bozeman’s homeless population for the food.
3. To plan the potluck and discuss other working group issues (for example, mapping work as a service to other groups, getting supplies for BFC), will be meeting on Monday at 2 PM at Jim’s house (424 S. Bozeman Ave.) Again, all are welcome to participate. Please help.


1. Chris presented two possible campaigns for BAB to focus our work on; “Buffalo are wildlife!” and “Brucellosis is a myth”; group saw advantages of rolling the latter into the former, with some focus on the recent CUT deal and the IBMP in general. Chris will incorporate changes to the proposal, present them in draft form via the listserve (discuss, if it’s ready and has adequate membership), and propose it at next Wednesday’s meeting.

Outreach discussion:

1. Group discussed ways to involve more people in the group. Group talked about more tabling, making the press release a media event, and more educational events (as well as venues). It was generally agreed that people would be more likely to help planning if there were specific activities in which to plug into.

Once again, here are the working group point people. Contact them if you are interested or have questions about becoming more involved.

Media/Outreach – Jim,
Legislative/Legal – Mel,
Solidarity with Other Groups – Chris,