Bozeman activist group meeting notes April 9, 2008

I’ve typed up and made some small edits to Mel’s excellent meeting notes (thanks, Mel!).  For those of you not there or not on the list, I want to highlight a few major points in the notes:

1. The group decided to have a central focus on the Yellowstone buffalo situation.
2. The group decided, for now, to continue using the consensus process.
3. The group decided to meet next Wednesday, April 16, 7 PM at the same location (MSU Student Union Building, 2nd floor cafeteria in the NW corner) – Alex will facilitate (thanks, Alex!)

In more detail, here are the meeting notes.

Bozeman ad hoc activist group meeting
April 9, 2008
7 PM
Montana State University Student Union Building (2nd floor cafeteria – NW corner)

Meeting Notes
Attendees: 8
Facilitator: Jim M.

Introductions: 7 – 7:15 PM

Overview of Consensus Process: 7:15 – 7:25 PM

group makes decision together, not majority rule

people raise concerns

proposal modified to meet concerns

blocking concern – a concern that can’t be met w/compromise (will kill proposal, very serious)

standing aside – when there are still concerns, no opinion (does not kill proposal)

process is not set in stone for the group; can be changed as group evolves

Agenda: 7:25 – 7:30

discussion whether or not to have break out session

we will see what issues are brought up and then decide from there

Bison update: 7:30 – 7:50

overview of management plan and recent news

What is this group: 7:50 – 8:30

Share activities the group is interested in

o Ideas:

§ 1. action to take w/bison

§ 2. Free market in the park

· Would be a good way for the group to advertise concerns

§ 3. Free school at MSU

· Dance, bike maintenance, education on issues, etc.

§ 4. Our group could help us connect to local issues and other active groups, ways to bring those groups together.

§ 5. petition related to bison management

o Talk over ideas

§ 1. Free market:

· Concern – labeling by others because of “socialist” values

· Concern – not enough time for individuals to give energy

· Concern – will it spread group too thin, should we have multiple paths

§ 2. Should this group have multiple small groups or one main concern (e.g., bison).

· Focus on bison is the main reason most people are at meeting

· Or allow the group to expand

o Decision – Discussion:

§ 1. Should we focus on bison in Yellowstone?

· Group was okay w/focusing and name would reflect that

· Bison are primary reason why this group is here

· Free market/college maybe for another group

· We should allow our group to evolve

· As to the free market, 1st date (May 1) would be a symbolic act then could lead to further dates and could be used to advertise bison issue

o Descision – Consensus

§ Everyone in the group (with no stand asides) agreed that the purpose of the new Bozeman organizing group would be the Yellowstone bison.

Goals: 8:30 – 8:55 (Discussion ideas that came out by individual members)

focus on YNP, keep other bison issues in mind

Create a digitalmap that describes issues

Get issue out to public

Use skills of members to optimize contribution to bison issue

Disseminate info

Support Buffalo Field Campaign specifically

Support legislative agenda for bison

Support a diversity of tactics and strategies (legislative, solidarity with other groups, direct action) depending on energy of group

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 16, 2008
7 PM
Place: MSU Student Union Building 2nd floor cafeteria (NW corner)
Facilitator: Alex R.

The group agreed to continue using the consensus process.


Tuesday, April 15, Chief Arvol Looking Horse prayer service for buffalo (near Gardiner at Stephens Creek Road)

University pow-wow May 2 – 3 at MSU

Bring proposals for actions, a name for the group, and other group-defining ideas next week


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