An essay about the need for local activism in Bozeman

One of the people helping organize this effort, Jim Macdonald, has written an essay entitled Revolution of the small: The uselessness of global action and the need to take local action (here in Bozeman, Montana).  In the essay, Jim plugs our film and discussion on March 26, emphasizing the empowerment that comes from smaller local organizing as opposed to electoral politics, filling out online petitions, giving money to large national organizations, or by trying to influence private industry through one’s wallet.  Instead, efforts like this film and discussion can be used to find our voice a different way, namely the kind that comes from organizing in smaller groups where each of us has a voice.

Check out his essay, and don’t forget to come on Wednesday.  For more details, go here.  And, go here if you would like to download some flyers.


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